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Emmaus Road - Luke scripture - Then their eyes were opened & they recognized
Walk To Emmaus: A Three-Day Spiritual Retreat
Daily Scripture

Here is a great video from the Upper Room. It echoes the voices and sentiments of many of our own Northwest Georgia family. Please take a moment to listen to the story, and hear the expressions of joy and thankfulness these “pilgrims” have for their Walk To Emmaus experience.


What is YOUR excuse for not going? Will you let it rob you of a wonderful blessing?

New Members of the NWGWTE Community

If you have recently completed a Northwest Georgia Walk to Emmaus weekend (OR if you attended an Emmaus or similar three-day weekend in another community and you now live in the Northwest Georgia Emmaus area) we would like you to be involved in what is going on in the NWGWTE community. Look under the “Connect” menu item above to see several ways you can do this!

NWGWTE Newsletter
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